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.sh (.sha)
Introduced 1986
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry tbd
Sponsor tbd
Intended use Entities connected with Flag of Shaelia Shaelia
Actual use Very popular in Shaelia
Registration restrictions Must be a resident of Shaelia to register; registration requires sending paper or fax letter which must be completed in Salarian. Domain name must be at least three characters long.
Structure Registration is permitted at second level; there are some third-level names beneath second-level labels, but these are not widely used
Website tbd

.sh (and also .sha) is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Shaelia.

There are a number of reserved second-level domain names, for example, domain names like Shaelia.sh, or other names that are referring to geographical regions of Shaelia.

Second level domains

Administrative regions

Cities or other incorporated areas within an administrative or autonomous regions will generally be assigned a third-level domain. For example: visis.cae.sh (domain for the city of Visis) or cityofkeshon.ksh.sh (domain for the city of Keshon).



  • uni.sh — Universities and other institutes of higher learning
  • edu.sh — First and Final schools (public, private, or religious)
  • com.sh — Commercial entities headquartered or founded in Shaelia, particular those offering products/services for sale internationally
  • net.sh — Internet service providers, internet infrastructure enterprises located in Shaelia.

iTLD status

There are presently no restrictions on registration of iTLDs.

Notable domains

Other First Level Domains

  • .pl, .pol (Shaelia government sites)
  • .de, .des (Shaelia commercial/retail sites)
  • .ds, .dos (Shaelia universities and other higher education institutions)
  • .mz, .maz (Shaelia's primary and secondary educational system)